Areas of Law

Our attorney’s area of expertise encompasses the entire repertoire of legal regulations for everyday life of individuals and small to medium businesses.

We specialize in:

Family law is part of civil law and governs all legal issues resulting from interpersonal relationships like marriage, family, family relations and civil partnerships.  Divorce law, the appointment of assets and liabilities, alimony, guardianship and the rights of children, play an important part.

We offer advice for the preparation of marriage contracts or assist in preparing for separation.  We will represent you during separation and divorce proceedings and work to settle out of court or handle the case according to your wishes.

In the area of tenancy law our focus is on supporting the tenant.  With many years of experience in the area of tenancy law, attorney Annette Göbelsmann-Schweitzer understands the reasons and causes of most tenancy disputes.  With much experience, tact and knowledge of the law, disputes in tenancy law can be resolved and often settled out of court.

However, if an out of court settlement is not possible, we will also represent you in court.  In this case our upmost goal is a legally clear solution in favor of the tenant.  To ensure that your lawsuit does not turn into a money pit, we review every potential dispute in advance and assess the chances for its success.