The Attorney

Annette Göbelsmann-Schweitzer

Annette Göbelsmann-Schweitzer

Please allow me to introduce myself:

My name is Annette Göbelsmann-Schweitzer and I was born in Heidelberg, in 1958.

I was raised in Kaiserslautern where I also completed my Abitur.  After that, I studied Business Management and Law in Mannheim, before passing my first state exam at Gutenberg University in Mainz.  I sat for my second law state exam in Zweibrücken.

Since 1989 I have been working as an attorney in Kaiserslautern.  For the first few years I worked as legal consultant for the Tenants’ Housing Council.  Following this I started my own firm and in 1997 I passed the examination as specialized attorney in family law, even though I did not formally apply for and use the title.  Nevertheless, my focus areas are family and tenancy law.

As a legal advisor on landlord and tenant issues, I was under contract with the American Housing Association for about 10 years.  During this time I assisted a large number of American clients. Due to this experience and my education, I speak fluent English and continue to advise English speaking clients.

It is my goal to provide conclusive overall concepts to my clients, especially in family law.  I don’t simply answer legal questions but take as many surrounding circumstances and consequential matters as possible into account.  Even though it takes more time, I often seek an out-of-court resolution because by doing so, already existing rifts between the parties are not unnecessarily intensified.